New Weed Breath Tests Show Promises for Employers and Law Enforcement

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New Weed Breath Tests Show Promises for Employers and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Employers before just recently never had accurate drug testing options to determine whether or not marijuana was just consumed and, therefore, if they are likely to still be impaired. This results in unjustified arrests, loss of employment, and in some cases cause to lose your home.

    New “breathalyzer” tests that are to be released in 2020 use advanced tech to measure and determine whether or not an individual has just vaped, smoked, or eaten marijuana products. 

Fast Results

Now with these new devices, law enforcement and employers can figure it out in real time whether an individual is directly impaired or not. As well as what action should be taken. Current tests can detect cannabis use up to 30 days, and do not give the direct result of whether or not someone is high at that moment. 

With marijuana use now legal in 33 states and Washington DC, employers and law enforcement are most concerned about the safety risks that come with operating heavy machinery and motor vehicles while being impaired. Finding the balance between both medical and recreational drug use is now going to be the next step.

Standards Lacking

    Two recent announcements focus on the new tests’ capabilities and their shortcomings. Both tests which are to be released in 2020 will measure the amount of THC, cannabis’ primary psychoactive compound, in an individual’s breath. While there is no legal standard for impairment with cannabis as there is with alcohol, these tests will be able to tell law enforcement and employers how recently the individual has ingested the THC-based substance.

    Research shows that most users are the most impaired 2-3 hours after consuming a THC-based product. With this research given, the tests have been designed to specifically detect how long before testing the individual has consumed and whether or not any further action should be taken. 

    What action can we expect to be taken with these new tests that are going to be released in 2020? Will we see a spike in unemployment or jail incarcerations? How is this going to affect society as a whole? Only time will tell..

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